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Posted in October 2014 by under other

Apart from a few necessary posts, I haven't posted anything on my blog since July 2013.

Last year was very busy for me. In the summer we had finally got PHP Hampshire to the stage where we were getting well known speakers. We had secured a sponsor and a venue and were working hard to spread the word.

During this time, I got a lot more involved in twitter and spent more time socialising. Then last October I took on a senior role in a company that required a lot of work to get things in order. I was playing catch up for a few months, during which I spent very little time on personal development.

Things are now running smoothly, but I have not got back into good habits of research, learning and blogging.

Despite achieving a great deal in the last 12 months. I am not learning anything new and have been getting more and more frustrated by my lack of personal growth. I have decided to free up time to allow me to work on this.

So yesterday, I deleted my twitter account and unsubscribed from about twenty mailing lists. So if I have something to say, I'll blog about it.