Cannot edit page type defaults in Concrete5

Posted in September 2012 by under concrete5

A useful feature on Concrete5 is the concept of page type defaults.

The idea is that for every page of the same type you can edit the page type default rather than have to edit each individual page.

A good example is adding a Comments block to each page of type blog entry.

It is simple to do but on more than one occasion I have been caught out and confused when it apparently doesn't work.

Page types

When you click the Defaults button for the page type Blog Entry, you are taken to the empty page but the blocks aren't there, or you find you are unable to add or remove blocks.

This is a simple permissions problem caused by these page types belonging to the Super Administrator.

When you add a new user in Concrete5, even if you set that user as a member of the Administrators group it does not have the same access rights as the Super Administrator.

The easiest solution to all you to edit these defaults is to log out of your own user account and log in as the Super Administrator, that is the account you set up when you first installed Concrete5.

Once you are logged into this account you will find you are able to edit the page type defaults in the same way you would edit any other page in Concrete5.