How important is speed? Part 2

Posted in January 2015 by under other

Following on from my previous post where I noticed a sharp and sustained increase in the number of visitors to my site, I wanted to be sure that the effect was due to the rewriting of my site from CMS into flat HTML.

Fortunately I have websites that I have built that I can make changes to without upsetting anyone. My parents have a wesite for their bed and breakfast in Somerset which was built on a CMS.

Without changing content, page titles, URLs or anything else, I replaced the existing site with a new version written in flat HTML and PHP.

It took a little longer to see the effect this time. The bed and breakfast site gets about 10% of the traffic of my site, so the impact wasn't likely to be so dramatic. However a week later this is the result:

Graph of weekly visitors

This is still nothing more than an observation but I am glad to see an increase in visitors to the website and it will be interesting to see if the new daily traffic remains at this new level.