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I am a Zend Framework 2 contributor

Posted in September 2012 by under zend-framework

A change that I had made was accepted and merged into Zend Framework 2.

Here is the commit on github.

I am a ZF2 contributor

In Zend Framework 1, there was a script know as Zend Tool ( that allowed you to create projects, manage controllers and actions and many other things.

It was really useful for setting up the scaffolding on which to build your application. I wrote a Zend Tool cheatsheet for it to make my life easier and it was a key part of the appeal for me in using Zend Framework to begin with.

As Zend Framework 2 has developed you have to use the Skeleton Application from which to build your applications. I suspect many people moving from Zend Framework to Zend Framework 2 will be looking to Zend Tool to help them get started and it just does not exist in Zend Framework 2. Although a new Zend Tool is being developed.

This is not immediately clear that it is not provided and the installation notes, which are one of the first files a developer would look at when getting started with Zend Framework 2, explained that you could use from the bin/ directory and how to set it up.

This was possibly left in from the Zend Framework 1 days but was a significant error that had been missed through the whole development process and still remained when Zend Framework 2 stable was released.

So I know it is only a minor pull request but it is one that I think is important none-the-less.