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Richard Holloway Blog

July 2015

It had to start somewhere

January 2015

Zend Framework Console Prompt Password Coming Soon

How important is speed? Part 2

December 2014

How important is speed?

Password prompt for Zend Framework 2

November 2014

Clipboard manager not working in Ubuntu

Use the latest Redbean in RjhRedbean

October 2014

Back to blogging

February 2014

Concrete5 goodies for PHP Hampshire attendees

January 2014

Book review: Using Zend Framework 2

August 2013

Composer \ Downloader \ TransportException

PHP Hampshire goes monthly

July 2013

PHP Hampshire User Group July Meetup

New design for

Book review: Concrete5 Beginner's Guide, Second Edition

May 2013

RjhRedbean has been bumped to v2.0

March 2013

Controlling an Arduino from my computer

January 2013

iam - Not getting distracted

Interface injection in Zend Framework 2

Hello World in Zend Framework 2

November 2012

Editing Concrete5 comments changes the posted by name

RjhRedbean is now listed on

October 2012

How to use FUSE models in RjhRedbean

RjhRedbean is now available on packagist

Class 'SphinxClient' not found

Manually clear Concrete5 cache

Problems caused by long lines in views

September 2012

PHP Hampshire

Agree on a coding standard or agree not to

I am a Zend Framework 2 contributor

Cannot edit page type defaults in Concrete5

August 2012

Test that a view exists in Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 modules on github

How to check out a remote branch in git

Replace tabs with spaces recursively

A clearer bash prompt

July 2012

Fed up that Ubuntu 12.04 is so slow

Recursively list file permissions

Redirect to 404 page in a Zend Framework 2 controller

zf2-addressbook updated to Zend Framework 2 beta5

Rename a column in MySQL

June 2012

Script to setup a Zend Framework project

Setting up a git repo on a 1and1 server over ssh

Updated zf2-addressbook

Install RabbitVCS on Ubuntu 12.04

chkutmp in chkrootkit identifies mingetty process as hidden

May 2012

Preparing a disk for software RAID1

sqlite3 cheat sheet

New project on github zf2-addressbook

Samba, Failed to find entry for user

Concrete5 sticker photos

April 2012

Using RedBeanPHP ORM with Zend Framework

RedBeanPHP class reference cheat sheet

Update multiple MySQL tables in one update statement

Editing 404 page in Concrete5 CMS


Add the hostname to email subject in Fail2ban

March 2012

rsync cheat sheet

Ubuntu Unity cheat sheet

Zend Tool cheat sheet

LSI Logic MegaRAID cheat sheet

Clear Empathy logs

ERR Plaintext authentication disallowed on non-secure (SSL/TLS) connections

Unblocking fail2ban hosts

Blocking brute force attacks to Dovecot on CentOS

Built in webserver in PHP 5.4.0

February 2012

Late to the party

Ten things you should do when using Concrete5 CMS

Missing toolbar when creating Concrete5 theme

Zend Framework modules

Guildford LAMP developers meetup

Troubleshooting MySQL startup problems

Exporting all GRANT statements from MySQL

Spell check your website

Pretty is a feature

Password protection using .htpasswd

January 2012

Generate random passwords

Install CentOS onto large partitions using GPT disk layout