Late to the party

Posted in February 2012 by under other

I can hardly believe it myself but with the whole world apparently on twitter, I think it is time I joined the party.

I used to be on and what I liked about was that it felt like it was populated with geeks and people sharing genuinely useful information and links. A recent review of the dents in Gwibber showed quite quickly that there is quite a high noise level which I must have been manually filtering out.

Also I have found on more than a few occasions problems with the website, database connection problems and other little annoyances. I decided to leave and move to twitter. It felt a bit final closing my account but I was reassured when on closing my account I received another database connection error before I tried to refresh the page and being told that I could not delete the account as it didn't exist. What a perfect ending!

So I suppose I'd better ask you to follow me on twitter then.