Password prompt for Zend Framework 2

Posted in December 2014 by under zend-framework

A few months ago, I was asked if there was a password prompt for Zend Console. As there isn't, I posted a quick example on Github on how it could be done, and then went about putting in a pull request for the password prompt to be added.

The pull request has had comments, and good feedback, which I have actioned. The code is covered by tests and there are a few people I know that really would like to see this password prompt in the framework. It doesn't require any changes to existing code, nor affect other parts of the framework.

So it is frustrating that even now this pull request hasn't been merged. In fact it doesn't look like it has been looked at. This is disappointing but the correct path is for me to bypass the framework and write a Zend Framework module that others can install if the want to.

The module is Richardjh\zf2-password and is available on packagist.

I've not been able to post it to as the site is currently throwing errors.