PHP Hampshire

Posted in September 2012 by under php-hampshire

For a while I have been thinking about starting a PHP User Group in Hampshire as the nearest groups appear to be in Guildford and Brighton and they are mostly aimed at web developers as opposed to PHP developers.

I had started to look with more determination for groups locally and couldn't find anything so I thought I would set one up myself.

Whilst I was thinking of names I thought phphants would be a good choice as it is similar to elephants, like elePHPhants, and given the connection PHP has with the elephant mascot, this could be a good hook in future.

I went to to find the domain was registered but site was down. Using the whois information I contacted James, the site owner, by email to ask if PHP Hants is still going.

The group is small but meet occaionally and after a chat via email it looks like we have similar goals for a PHP User Group. As this is a community effort it seems ridiculous for me to try to start a new group when my efforts could be put into promoting this existing group.

Although it is early days I am optimistic that PHP Hampshire will become something bigger.