PHP Hampshire goes monthly

Posted in August 2013 by under php-hampshire

July was an important month for PHP Hampshire.

There was the July mini conference, where PHP Developers in Hampshire were able to see presentations from Derick Rethans and Stuart Herbert.

Designs for a new website were put forward by several members of the community and were discussed on the mailing list.

Work on finding sponsorship took a leap forward with an arrangement with Spectrum IT which allows the group to focus on organising and promoting the event with far less complications. As a result of this, James announced yesterday that PHP Hampshire will now hold regular monthly meetups on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

See the announcement

The group is growing quickly and gaining momentum. This is a big step for PHP Hampshire and I am looking forward to seeing how things move on from here.

You can learn more about PHP Hampshire on the website and follow @phphants for announcements.