RjhRedbean has been bumped to v2.0

Posted in May 2013 by under redbeanphp

I have been using RjhRedbean for a while now and over time my version has been cleaned up and simplified. Today I pushed this version of RjhRedbean to Github and packagist and tagged it as v2.0.

The original RjhRedbean is still available and has been tagged as v1.0.

If your composer.json is configured to install "dev-master", you will find that RjhRedbean gets updated next time you run a composer update. There is a backwards compatability break since I have fixed the namespaces in v2.0.

If you find things break you have two choices:

Either change the settings in config/application.config.php as detailed in https://github.com/richardjh/RjhRedbean/blob/master/README.md
Or if you prefer not to have to make changes, you can still use the original module by setting "richardjh/rjhredbean": "v1.0" in your composer.json