Why richardjh.org

Posted in January 2012 by under other

So the site isn't live yet. I have spent the last week or so deciding on whether to put together a website at all and what it would contain if I did.

On the 6th January I did a whois lookup to see if the domain richardholloway.org is free. The reason for this choice is that my name is Richard Holloway and a lot of people have the extension .org for their personal websites.

richardholloway.org is available, good.

A few days pass while I decide on how to implement the site, and then on 9th January I set up the hosting and then try to register the domain name richardholloway.org.

Well what do you know? Someone had registered that domain name on the 6th January and parked it for free with godaddy. Now this may be a coincidence but I don't believe that.

They ask on their standard advert riddled page: "Want to buy this domain?". I am not going to rise to it. I will simply choose an alternative domain name.

So why richardjh.org? Well, I often use the name richardjh as an alternative name online. So now this site will be hosted on richardjh.org.

Actually, I think I prefer it.