Zend Framework 2 modules on github

Posted in August 2012 by under zend-framework

I have been working with Zend Framework 2 a lot recently and will be moving some projects across to Zend Framework 2 soon.

When using Zend Framework 1, I found I often copied across bits and pieces from existing projects to new projects as I realised I needed similar functionality. As Zend Framework 2 provides out the box support for modules, I have decided to put common elements into modules on github so I can reuse them in future projects.

Using RedbeanPHP for ORM in my projects has proved to be a real time saver and I have already written a guide to how to use RedBeanPHP ORM with Zend Framework 1, and for those who like to get started without the guide, the code is available on github too.

So it made sense for my first Zend Framework 2 module to provide Redbean support. The project at this time needs a bit more work but it is usable in its current state and I will be improving things when I use it for real. This module is called RjhRedbean.

The second module is a module to provide common View Helpers. I have just set things up with a bare content viewhelper so far, but I can see this module growing and becoming used often as view helpers were something I copied across from projects often. It may also be useful as an example of setting up a simple module in Zend Framework 2. This module is called RjhBlocks.