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Exotics Racing is the world’s largest fleet of supercars driving company in Las Vegas, providing one of the most breathtaking racing experiences. Romain Thievin (successful professional racecar driver from France) and his business partner David Perisset, founders of Exotics Racing, have created the entertainment company they both are proud of.

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Need for smoother customer experience and processes automation

A smooth customer experience is the highest priority in this business. The racing itself lasts only several minutes, but the whole process takes hours and includes briefing, registration, filling in documents, fleet review, photo shoots and upgrading for extra experiences. Starting from online booking all the way to check out - every step should be accurately scheduled and coordinated.

In 2016, the owners of EXR, got in contact with Greenice. They had already built a website but there were several challenges:

  • The website needed maintenance (bug-fixing) and improvements (new features) as the majority of the customers came via the website
  • The server work was inefficient, expensive and unsafe
  • Many business processes needed automation to increase customer traffic and reduce waiting time on each step
  • Processes needed to be integrated into one system to consolidate the data and speed up work
  • Each step of a customer journey needed to be accompanied with upsale features
  • They needed one more website for the carting service


As usual, we made the pre-development analysis to identify the main hurdles, elaborate the solution and choose the appropriate technology stack. Then, our Business Analyst and Developer Team Lead scoped the tasks, set priorities and estimated the time with the budget.

Migration to AWS

Digitizing the customer journey

Custom ERP for business processes automation

Migration to AWS



When we analyzed the system, we found out that the use of the current servers was ineffective and required a better solution. Here are some of the identified issues:

  • Outdated Server Software All the project information was kept on two dedicated servers that used dated CentOS 6.9. This software didn’t keep up with the times and restricted the development from using modern technologies and timely library updates to speed up the performance of the webpages.
  • Ineffective Management It was hard to manage these servers as for each minor issue we needed to address the hosting support and wait for 1-2 days for the reply.
  • Risk Of Data Loss There was no data backup system and in the case of an accident there was a high risk of losing all the data.
the system before

the system after


We rented an AWS server to migrate data to the cloud. Our team has chosen this solution because of the vast experience with AWS products as we use them in all our projects with a lot of success.

  • S3 is a reliable and inexpensive tool to store static content like media files. It works with CloudFront (or other CDNs) to provide quick access to this content for users from all over the world.
  • AWS Auto Scaling configures automatic scaling for EC2, deciding when to create an additional instance or terminate the excessive one.
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is used for redistributing traffic among instances to optimize performance.
  • ElastiCache is a powerful solution for multi-instance app architecture like the one that we created.
  • Amazon takes care of administration and updating of such services like RDS, S3, ElastiСache. This saves developers a lot of time and increases the security of the system.


We rented an AWS server to migrate data to the cloud. Our team has chosen this solution because of the vast experience with AWS products as we use them in all our projects with a lot of success.

In 2016, the owners of EXR, got in contact with Greenice. They had already built a live website but there were a series of challenges:

Data is backed-up daily so we’ll be able to recover the systems (website and ERP) in minutes.
No need in System Administrator for routine tasks, Amazon takes care of everything.
AWS provides free basic DDoS attack protection by default. It can be easily advanced if needed.
For a relatively small price, we switched to CDN to speed up the static content loading.



In spring 2018, Sergey Opanasenko, the Greenice co-founder, and Alexandra Gromova, Project Manager at Greenice, visited Exotics Racing in Las Vegas and were able to go through the EXR’s customer flow in person. They went through the step-by-step procedure from the registration to check out. Here is the overview the customer journey at EXR:

Check In Customers arrive to location, check in and sign the Waiver in the POS.

Briefing Customers have a briefing with the instructor and watch the explaining video.

Track Discover Laps Drivers make free discovery laps with the instructor behind the wheel.

Driving Experience The racing itself. After that the driver can buy extra laps and check out.

Buying “Extras” Drivers can enhance their experience by adding other supercars, laps and ride-alongs.

Check Out Customers finish their experience and can buy a video of their adventure.


After that, Sergey and Alexandra got an opportunity to see how everything worked behind the scenes: how personnel collected data about customers, how guests got assigned to driving instructors and cars, and much more.

We must note that the EXR’s team had already perfectly organized a step-by-step process of tracking the customer experience, but everything was handled manually with paper documents and whiteboards. This wasn’t scalable.

So, we sat down with the client to figure out the best way to automate the current processes.

Our team at exotics racing

Sergey Opanasenko, co-founder of Greenice,and Alexandra Gromova, PM at Greenice


We created a dashboard that provides a smooth way to track customer statuses during the entire experience from check in to check out. The software is connected to the ERP which allows for the synchronization of such data as customer orders, instructor schedules and a car readiness information. No more whiteboards!

Customer Queue

Status Tracking

Assigning Customers

Experience Tracking

  • Automatic uploading of customer tickets for each session
  • Tracking the customer status on each step of their ‘journey’
  • Time-tracking on each step of the customer flow
  • Easily assigning instructors and cars to a customer
  • Automatic car usage tracking, taking into account the millage and technical condition
  • Tracking car readiness in real time to make sure it is fueled and warmed-up before use
  • Changing the customer experience on the fly (adding extra laps, changing cars, assigning to the extra experiences)


Escaping any overlaps, data loss and delays in the customer flow
Reducing the time customers spend waiting on each step
Increasing the total customer traffic capacity to serve more customers in a day
Saving time by automating data transfer from ERP to Pitlane



It was ineffective to manage such data as customer personal information, orders, schedule and fleet database in Excel files. All this data needed to be automatically saved, updated and cross-referenced in the common system.


We helped to automate part of the business processes with a custom ERP. The main features include:хъ

Human Resources A list of all departments and employees. The system stores information like contacts, qualifications, tracks, vehicle models, job title history on each employee.
Fleet Management The list of available vehicles, their prices and statuses.
Schedule Schedules allow assigning Instructors to vehicles, control car statuses (fueled, warmed, not available), schedule tracks, and manage ‘Pitlane’ dashboard to speed up the driver experience.
Inventory Management The list of merchandising products and their prices.
Orders When the client books an experience through the website, all information gets into the system and then can be managed by Admins. Also, managers can add orders manually when they get bookings through the calls.
Track Management All information about tracks, their size, type, location, number of turns, direction, photos, etc.
Finance Management Data about all orders, payments, refunds and retailer transactions.
Content Management System A system that allows Admins to edit website content, add information pages, news, gallery, FAQs etc.
Customer Relationship Management Information on all customers, such as their profiles, transaction history and sales channels they came from.
Reports A dashboard where the management can get a quick overview of the situation and custom reports to drill down into specific areas.


All data on customers, fleet and finances is consolidated in one inner system and can be easily accessed by the authorized employees
Data is safe from loss and duplication
With the help of automatic report generation, Admins can quickly get an overview of the different processes

exotic cars

Future Plans

We keep on maintaining and enhancing the Exotics Racing system while automating their business processes.


As usual, we made the pre-development analysis to identify the main hurdles, elaborate the solution and choose the appropriate technology stack.

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